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Parenting Smarts

Oct 30, 2018

We couldn't think of a more terrifying topic for Halloween week. MaryRuth is joined by Sarah Erickson, a Notre Dame Prep alumna and current student at Catholic University of America, to talk about the realities of dating today and what's really going on in those brains.

Parenting Smarts blends together the science of...

Oct 16, 2018

We all know healthy eating is important, but why is it such a challenge to convince our kids? Whether you're dealing with Littles or Bigs, your kids have probably put you through the ringer at the dinner table. MaryRuth can help!

Parenting Smarts blends together the science of child development and the realities of...

Oct 2, 2018

Video games... there's just no escaping them! The difficulties of setting boundaries, teaching sharing, and wanting your kids to get outside and play for a minute can feel intense. The good news is things can get better, and video game play isn't necessarily all that bad.

Parenting Smarts blends together the science...